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Hitchhikers guide to the Dutch politics

How I am trying to become something out of nothing

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I am an artist, poet, journalist and politician from Amsterdam(where I currently live) and Georgia(there I was born).

Below is a bit chaotic descrption of myself.

The full collection of my artwork is available here

I have written few fiction books the biggest one, the full length novel called "The Outlaws" is available here for free in pdf format


Please click on the link, or, if it does not open, copy and paste it into your browser window

It is a story about French Jewish girl and her American spouse who were trapped in war time France; they have to cross all existing moral and ethical boundaries to survive...

Just please respect my copyright if you are planning to pass it to your friends.

I am also writing a short stories about Amsterdam:

POLITICS This journal, called "A hitchhiker guide to the Dutch politics" was set as a day by day log, about a wonderful adventure I had recently. In 2005 I have been running as a candidate for a seat in the city counsel in Amsterdam from the social democratic mandate. This is how I felt back then(quote): "Yes sir, just a few years ago I was dwelling in so called "squat" as they call the loft studios in abandoned buildings. Back then I was cursing every powerful person in the World; and now, surprise, surprise I am about to become a politician myself. It's fun though; and some parts were really exiting".

It didn't work out, but I will give it another try one day.Anyway it was fun.

So what else is interesting about me.. I have travelled USA coast to coast on the road at 2000, I am single most of the time, unless some crazy girl agrees to sleep with me, and I am occasionally seeing my face in the mainstream media.Very occasionally though.

I like football, music, literature, traveling...

Anyway welcome and enjoy my blog!


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